This organisation aims to provide community co-maintenance of orphan projects.



If a project is no longer active, please ask the upstream project for an update about the status of project maintenance:


Then, to request a transfer, please file an issue in this project:


Then user should be added to team to transfer repository to this page, (user’s URL will be preserved, but redirected to new location).


As the creator of the @abandonware organization, I am open to co-maintainership. However, it’s hard to trust everyone, especially when taking over orphaned packages. I don’t want to put users at risk.

In the short term, I propose this rule:

Any developers can apply, but they should have already committed to another open source organisation that they will behave nicely, i.e. not intentionally commit malicious code. An explicit proof of commitment should be provided, as well.


Related links:

I am open to suggestions.

Tracking changes is also welcome, ask me how if unsure:


The @abandonware organization can be seen as an orphanage. It’s preferable to find new parents for projects staging in this area, but to avoid any malicious threats, intent to adopt should be justified in an issue in the downstream project.